2nd Semester Challenges and Excitement

2nd semester begins for me tomorrow.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am excited because I will be presenting at least twice about intergrating technology into classrooms.  The first presentation will be in January to my colleagues about how to use  teacher created podcasts to reach students with one of their mediums.  We will be using Audacity to create and Podbean to host our podcasts.   I’ll post more about that when I get closer.  The second presentation is at ICE about using cellphones in the classroom.  I am very excited about this because I get to present with my cousin and EduTech mentor Tracy Tarasiuk about this up and coming and controversial topic.  We will be beginning our work soon and look forward to presenting.  Stay tuned for updates 

In the classroom, I am revamping my Honors Government curriculum to allow for students to become more digitally engaged citizens.  Aside from weekly blog assignments, I am creating an 8 week project designed to integrate technology and citizenship.  We will be starting simply with working with Google Apps (readers, iGoogle site, etc.) centered around an issue that they are passionate about, and moving toward using the technology tools for a greater good and having them create a blog about that issue.  Essentially the goal is for the students to create their own PLN centered around a topic that they care about.  From there we will use Animoto to create a PSA that they can publish on their blog and share with other interest groups.  The final project will be a presentation to elected officials or their staffs about the topic they have been covering and policy changes surrounding that topic that could be implemented to better our society.  I will be working closely with our Library Media Specialist Pam Pleviak who has been nothing short of awesome in supporting me with this semester long endeavor. Updates will be posted here as we progress through the semester. 

I will also be starting a blog for my AP Economics classes which will allow the students to better apply current events to the curriculum they are learning. 

I am also excited about the newest addition to our family.  On December 29th, 2009 the Janczak’s welcome a brand new iMac into our home…Beth and I have been discovering all the magical things it does (wow…who knew you could put yourself on a rollercoaster using PhotoBooth!?!?) and looking forward to using it for many long hours as I pursue my Masters in Educational Technology from Boise State starting this semester.   

2nd semester begins tomorrow, and so does my full on quest to make technology like oxygen in my classroom (all around you and essential). I have 78 and 1/2 school days to make it happen for my students, and 2 opportunities to teach my colleagues about technology.   My hope is that classrooms like the one I am working on creating this semester become the rule, not the exception.


About jjanczak

A secondary social science teacher jumping into the world of education technology and trying to make classrooms centered around technology the rule, not the exception in the school systems.
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One Response to 2nd Semester Challenges and Excitement

  1. bala says:

    all the best for ur upcoming presentations and congratz 4 buying a new iMac.
    i always felt excited when the semester starts and become nervous when it ends as the xams approaches 😦

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