Being the Change

I read Will Richardson’s blog about his visit and reflections to EduCon2.2 and it really fired me up.  It made me realize that in my quest for my integration of technology in my classroom I had lost my way as a teacher.  

Will’s blog post fired me up because I found myself getting bogged down in the nay-sayers of educational technology.  I’m inspired to be the change in my district, and Will’s post answered the one big question still remained.  Why?  Was it because I wanted technology to be at the forefront of curriculum? Maybe…  Was it because I wanted to be the only teacher in the school using this technology? Perhaps…(a little hubris)  Was it because when I started following the doctrine of “don’t ask for permission, just do it…”, and I  started to get noticed by our colleagues and other administrators?  That may have had something to do with it.  But really..why?  Will’s post snapped me back into reality… because I am  doing what is best for our students…and that is what truly matters.

We have a ways to go as a district yet I am refreshed that I am not the only one out there struggling to get people on board. I am not the only one out there who gets frustrated by colleagues who stick by the same lesson plans they used 5 years ago and still believe in scissors and glue for posters instead of exciting new tools like Glogster and Wallwisher.  I realize that my frustration with them does not help students in their classes at all, and that perhaps these teachers maybe are intimidated by this technology or may not have heard of it.  The change won’t come from complaining about these teachers, the change will come from helping these teachers understand how these tools help students learn.

No longer will those setbacks bring me down though because Will’s post reminded me that change starts with me, and that complaining will do me no good.  The quote from his blog that said:  “stop complaining. Be the change. Love your students and do well by them. If that includes technology, so be it.”  will be my mantra for the future. 

It was a humbling blog post that reminded me why I do what I do…and that is to always do what is best for my students.  Thank you Will for once again refocusing me on what truly matters about becoming the change.


About jjanczak

A secondary social science teacher jumping into the world of education technology and trying to make classrooms centered around technology the rule, not the exception in the school systems.
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One Response to Being the Change

  1. Will Richardson says:

    Thanks for reading. Glad it resonated! I think the most important piece of this is that we continue to evolve as learners as well as teachers. The tools are fiun, but it’s about making our own connections and communities and then modeling that for our kids so they get a glimpse of the value from a learning standpoint. That’s the least we can do.

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