Blazing a trail-then turning around…

High Sierra. Trail.

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Those of you who have been following this blog know that most of what is posted here is about a journey down a path to making technology more a part of the curriculum within our high school. 

A few colleagues and I have decided to start heading in that direction on our own, with the support of at least one administrator.  The mentality of “it is easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission” has helped us take risks with our curriculum.  So we did. 

The results of this “trailblazing” have been impressive.  My Honors Government students are in the midst of an end of the year project where they will be creating blogs, public service announcements, and presentations for elected officials in an effort to foster civic responsibility and creativity.  During this unit I introduced Wallwisher an awesome collaboration and brainstorming site to get started on what the students were really passionate about.  I was very impressed with the students’ responses for for both questions. We later turned those passions into topics and students are working to bring their blogs online. 

I shared those walls with a few of my colleagues, and they too were impressed with the students’ responses and were intrigued by the technology that we were using.  Later on that day, those same colleagues emailed me a link to their new Wallwisher asking me to check it out.  I think we have a new staff member buying into the notion that integrating technology is a good thing in our curriculum.  

My point is this: to those who continue to struggle with incorporating technology with your learning, continue to fight on (so long as your ultimate goal is learning, and not just kitchy technology tools) and blaze that trail in your school.  As you continue to do so, make sure to take some time to turn around…you might be surprised of the size of the line of colleagues forming behind you.


About jjanczak

A secondary social science teacher jumping into the world of education technology and trying to make classrooms centered around technology the rule, not the exception in the school systems.
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