ICE 2012 Day 2 – Becoming Revolutionary

Today was my second day at ICE – here are some thoughts on the day

1) The keynote by Peter Reynolds was inspiring – while the jist of it was “make your mark” I especially liked his quote that “changing is doing something different – innovation requires you to be revolutionary…” which is pretty fitting to where I am right now – do I want to just change things for my students or do I want to do something revolutionary for them? I know which direction I want to take them – but how do I make it revolutionary? I have kept coming back to that question all day.

2) In keeping with my goals of going to less “tools” based presentation and more “learning” based presentations I went to my first session of the day.  Any Jon Orech presentation is easily worth the price of admission to the entire conference and this one was no different – Jon talked about setting the table for achievement.  It was a great discussion about how to use technology to support learning and some of the pitfalls that EdTech falls into – specifically with using tools to use tools.  It wasn’t just a sit and get – we had the chance to talk to each other about some of the thought provoking question Jon posed.  This was a helpful step in becoming revolutionary – like I said worth the price of admission.

3) It was great to network with old friends and make new connections.  This was the first year at ICE where I felt like I belonged because I knew a few people – it was kind of a cool feeling for me.

4) E-pubs seem to be the wave of the future right now and it is great to see students creating some great work and being able to share it out – I am hoping to do a session on how we are doing this at Grayslake Central next year (in forming a partnership with our feeder district and letting our HS kids create texts for our feeder schools).  Not sure if that counts as revolutionary – but its a step in the ride direction.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and finding more fuel for my quest to not just change what I do in my class but to become revolutionary.


About jjanczak

A secondary social science teacher jumping into the world of education technology and trying to make classrooms centered around technology the rule, not the exception in the school systems.
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